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What causes the wear and tear on my teeth

December 16, 2019
Posted By: Maddie Miller

Do you understand the effect of wear and tear due to your teeth after a long period? Here are some examples of what it looks like.

- Abrasion is wear that can typically be caused by brushing your teeth too hard or with incorrect toothbrushes.

-Attrition is worn on the biting surface of the teeth caused by grinding of your teeth either during the day and at night.

-Erosion is the break down of the enamel caused by acid in your mouth. This can be brought on by sugary drinks, food or acid reflux.

-Abfractions are loss of tooth structure that is not caused by tooth decay and is located along the gum line.

What are simple ways to help prevent these effects on your teeth?

-Try cutting down on sugary foods and drinks.

  • By cutting out sugary foods and drinks this can help decrease the effects on your teeth such as Erosion. Brushing after anything sugary is highly advised but sometimes that isn't obtainable, so rinsing with water until you are able to brush will lower the risk of decay.
  • Try using a straw when drinking any sugary drinks
  • Healthy drinks (water, or milk), make for healthy teeth.

-Consider getting evaluated for grinding/clenching.

  • Grinding can be caused by an array of things such as stress, anxiety, or sleeping disorders. Consider talking to Dr. Hickman about options on occlusal guards or retainers. Earlier symptoms to pay attention to are headaches, soreness in jaw or tiredness. 

-Using the correct toothbrush.

  • Having a proper toothbrush and knowing how to properly brush your teeth will help decrease the risk of abrasion. We advise our patients to use power brushes or water picks to help better oral hygiene. 
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