Sedation Dentistry

Do you feel anxious about dental visits or procedures? Our team at Havens Family Dental is here to help! Dr. Kyle Hickman, Dr. Alyssa Rassi, and our friendly and experienced team offer sedation dentistry to ease your nerves and relieve discomfort. Most forms of dental sedation help patients remain conscious but relaxed, allowing the tension from dental procedures to melt away.  

Methods of Sedation Dentistry in Blacklick, OH 

We offer various types of sedation dentistry at our Blacklick, OH dental office. The type of sedation we use depends on different factors, such as your medical history, level of sedation needed, the type of procedure, and more. For example, minor cosmetic dentistry treatments may require different sedation than dental implant treatment.

Havens Family Dental offers the following sedation methods:

Nitrous oxide – Nitrous oxide, also known as "happy gas" or "laughing gas," is a common form of conscious sedation. It's an odorless, colorless gas that you breathe through a comfortable mask we place over your nose. Nitrous oxide alleviates mild to moderate dental anxiety and provides a calm and tranquil feeling during treatments. Once we remove the breathing mask, the effects of nitrous oxide immediately fade so that you can go back to your routine after your appointment. 

Oral conscious sedation – Oral conscious sedation also mitigates mild to moderate dental anxiety. Your dentist will prescribe a sedative medication (usually a pill) you take approximately an hour before your dental appointment. Oral sedation eases you into conscious sedation so you can relax, though you may not remember much of your dental procedure. Oral sedation can make you sleep and take hours to wear off, so you need a family member or friend to drive you to and from your appointment. 

IV sedation – Intravenous (IV) sedation is administered directly into the bloodstream so that you will feel the effects immediately. IV sedation may make you feel like you've slept through your appointment, and you likely won't remember much of your procedure. Because IV sedation stays in your system for several hours, you will need a designated driver before and after your appointment. As with oral sedation, it's normal to feel groggy or drowsy after IV sedation. 

Dr. Hickman and our dental team are trained and experienced in various forms of sedation dentistry. We will monitor you during your sedation to ensure your utmost safety and comfort. 

Benefits of Dental Sedation  

Did you know that about 60 percent of people have dental fear or anxiety? Sedation dentistry is a common way to provide patients with a more comfortable and tranquil experience. 

Sedation dentistry at Havens Family Dental has several benefits:

  • It allows nervous or anxious patients to receive the essential dental care they need for a healthy smile. 
  • It helps your dentist complete dental treatment in fewer visits.
  • It relieves unease and anxiety, leaving you relaxed during and after your appointment.

When administered by trusted and trained professionals like our team at Havens Family Dental, sedation dentistry is safe with minimal side effects. 

Also, depending on the sedation you have, recovery time is relatively fast. Nitrous oxide wears off in a couple of minutes, while oral and IV sedations take several hours. Whichever method of sedation you receive, you should feel back to normal after a good night's rest. 

Contact Our Sedation Dentist in Blacklick, OH 

At Havens Family Dental, we understand many patients have a fear of the dentist or dental procedures, and we're here to ensure your visit with us is as safe and comfortable as possible. You can rest assured you're in caring, highly trained, and gentle hands at Havens Family Dental. 

Are you interested in sedation dentistry or have any questions for us? Please don't hesitate to contact our dental office; our team will be more than happy to assist you. We never pressure patients into receiving dental treatment, and we will help you decide what's right for you!