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New Year, New Smile

January 3, 2020
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Each January we say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. We make resolutions to better ourselves in our health, personal life or work life. Maybe its that you want to eat healthier or start spending more time with your family, or maybe it’s to get that smile you have always dreamed of. Although our office can’t assist in all your resolutions, we can help make your smile dreams come true.


 At Havens Family Dental in Blacklick, Ohio we ‘ve got a great idea for a resolution and that is why not visit us for your dental needs, and stay committed to a healthier smile. We desire to help your dreams of a better smile to come true. No more hiding your smile in pictures, at work or when talking. Let us create a custom treatment plan and allow our financial advisor to help you get that smile. A great smile provides so many great benefits and we would like to offer different options to help you achieve that. Which includes our in-house savings plan to make treatment, and dental care more accessible. We do offer other options such as care credit and compassionate financing.


Getting a healthier smile. . . 


We would like all our patients to be able to achieve healthier smiles. By wanting this goal, we offer comprehensive evaluations to best determine how to achieve a healthier smile. The services we provide include:

  1. Dental Exams
  2. Teeth cleanings
  3. Fillings
  4. Root Canals
  5. Sealants

Getting a more confident smile. . .

Cosmetic dentistry is typically thought of as just making your smile beautiful, although we strive for that our main focus here at Havens Family Dental is building a happy, proud and more confident person with a smile they want to show off and not hide from the world. 


What are the ways to change my smile?

There are multiple options to improve your smile both for cosmetic looks and for longevity.


Dental Implants: Giving a permanent tooth replacement for those missing teeth. 


Veneers: To mask imperfections such as permanent staining, cracks, broken teeth or teeth lengthening. 


Crowns: Replacing a larger amount of decay or missing tooth structure.  


Bonding: Repairing any small wear, chips or cracks in your teeth.


Bridges: Helps replace multiple missing teeth, restore the ability to properly speak and chew.


Whitening: To produce a whiter and brighter smile. 


If you are looking to start the New year with a healthier, more confident smile please call or email our office for a complimentary consultation. Havens Family Dental would love to help you achieve your new year resolution. 


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