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Healthy Smiles Lead to Beautiful Smiles at Havens Family Dental

A beautiful smile is a healthy smile. Whether your family is large, small, or just you, you need family dentistry services that will keep your mouth healthy and help prevent dental damage from taking hold. With general dentistry services including dental hygiene, periodontal therapy for gum disease, and children’s dentistry, your oral health comes first at Havens Family Dental.

We offer all of the following family dentistry services and more in our Blacklick dental office:

  • Dental exams – Periodic dental exams present the ideal opportunity for you to bring up any questions or concerns you may have about your oral health. Our team will take the time to thoroughly assess the health of your teeth and gums, taking note of any indications that disease or decay may be present.
  • Dental hygiene and cleanings – While brushing and flossing at home are critical to the continued health and beauty of your smile, only professional cleanings from an experienced dental care expert can ensure that all plaque and tartar has been removed from hard-to-reach places.
  • Oral health education – Our goal is to serve as your trusted partners in your journey toward lifelong oral health. One of the ways that we do this involves providing you with valuable guidance and information regarding the status of your teeth and gums as well as how to care for them properly at home.
  • Periodontal therapy for gum disease – Periodontal disease affects more than half of American adults over the age of 30, and the health complications associated with it are potentially life-threatening. With gum disease therapy, you can effectively reduce your risk of tooth loss, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and more.
  • Nightguards for teeth grinding – Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, leads to the uneven wear of teeth throughout the mouth and can even cause teeth to break over time. With a custom oral appliance worn only at night, Dr. Hickman can help you protect your teeth from the damage caused by bruxism.
  • Custom appliances for TMJ problems – When the joints that hold your jaw in place are damaged or out of alignment, the result is often a condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ dysfunction. Symptoms include migraine headaches, facial pain, a sore jaw, and tension in the neck, shoulders, and back. With a custom-fitted oral appliance, you’ll find relief from TMJ disorder that lasts.
  • Sleep apnea therapy – Sleep apnea is characterized by multiple lapses in breathing as a patient sleeps. Over time, untreated sleep apnea can lead to a variety of health problems, including high blood pressure, eye disorders, pulmonary hypertension, and more. A nightguard can be crafted just for you, keeping your airways open so you can sleep safely and peacefully.
  • Custom athletic mouthguards – An athletic mouthguard protects your lips, gums, teeth, and jaw from serious injury during contact sports or strenuous training. Researchers have discovered that a mouthguard can also help to reduce the severity of concussions sustained on the field or on the court.

Should you experience any oral health issues, our office also offers restorative dentistry services such as crowns and fillings. Our hope is that with excellent family dentistry care from Havens Family Dental, we can maximize your dental health and keep problems to a minimum.

Experience family dentistry with a spa-like touch at Havens Family Dental. Our Blacklick dental office happily serves patients from Pataskala, Gahanna, New Albany, and Reynoldsburg. Conveniently located to all of East Colombus, contact us today to begin your journey toward the smile you want and the dental care you need.

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